My Latest Failure & Friends Playlist

We have created a Spotify playlist with awesome DIY bands. Playlist line up so far is unreal, so many sic bands have got involved. Punk, Hardcore, Metal & more… Lets make self isolation loud!

Track List

My Latest Failure- Disappointment

We Punch Tigers – Costa Del Costa

Sore Teeth – Sad Generation

Weaponry – Moving To Andromeda

The Freudian Session – Coming For You

Night Traffic – Stella

Rats Arse – Kick The Shit

BKS – I’m Out

Felons – Violent Society

The Meffs – Budget Luxury

Disruptive Influence- Your Country Hates You

Gutlocker- Deeper Underground

True Riot – Highspeed Hate

Indisposed – Carpal Tunnel (Racing Death)

Kill The Masters – No Apologies

Free Sergio – Ruthless Efficiency

Raw Medicine – Killer Seed

The Penny Antics – I Don’t Care

Crash Induction- Stacey Bushes Car Park

Dirty Falcon – Death’s In The Details

Dr. Strongarm’s Misharmonious Orchestra – Falling Through The Cracks

Dirty Donations – R.S.I (Live)

Manic – Don’t Follow The Leader

Puresonic Outcasts – Slum Dwellers

5 N Drive – Highway

My Design – Map Of The World

Outposts – Fire Exit